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3 Affordable Top-Quality Digital Locks in Singapore

As the rise of technology continuously introduces new and exciting lock innovations, physical keys will soon become obsolete. Put away traditional locks and keys and make room for the most integral part of modern home security: Smart digital locks. With a digital lock, you can open your door simply by entering a PIN number or using their smartphone. This removes the risk of you losing your physical metal keys and getting locked out of your home. 


But before you head to the nearest hardware store in Singapore, it’s a must for you to do your research and choose the digital lock model that will best match your needs. With that being said, here are some recommendations for budget-friendly digital locks that offer a high level of security.


1. Kaiser Mortise Lite


The Kaiser+ Mortise Lite is a high-security, digital door lock that offers a number of features to provide homeowners with peace of mind. The lock has a mortise structure that is designed to withstand forcible entry. It also has features such as an anti-prying alarm, mute-to-silence mode, and a PIN randomiser which all help to increase security and convenience. The price tag will go anywhere between $649 to $799, which is quite a bargain for such a high-quality digital lock. With its robust security features, consider the Kaiser+ Mortise Lite to keep your home safe and secured.


2. Kaadas Digital Lock L7


The Kaadas Digital Lock L7 is a mortise type with a built-in lever handle. You can twist the lever to unlock and close the door, much like a traditional lever lock. However, this digital lock greatly outshines traditional locks because of its accurate fingerprint sensor and auto-lock recognition. These features means the Kaadas L7 effortlessly secures your home while giving you as little hassle as possible. This digital lock can be bought for $599 in Singapore, giving it a good rating for affordability and quality.


3. Igloohome Digital Lock IGB4


This durable and affordable deadbolt digital lock is another option worth considering for securing your home. Its advanced security features allow you to track visitors that enter, automate the lock with time-sensitive access, and allow access for visitors via Whatsapp or Messenger code. When it comes to getting a digital lock in Singapore, the IGB4 is one of your best choices with its advanced features at an affordable price starting as low as $450.


The Balance Between Quality and Affordability


More and more, homeowners are choosing to install digital locks on their doors. And it’s no wonder why – digital locks offer a host of features that can significantly improve the security of your home. Start exploring the above digital locks in Singapore today.

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