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All You Need To Know About Microsoft ERP Software

What is Microsoft ERP software?

Microsoft Dynamics 365, formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions—Great Plains, is a complete business management software built on the Microsoft technology platform. It’s designed to serve businesses in more than 25 industries with resource-based accounting and customer relationship management tools. The company offers both cloud computing services for online operations and on-site servers for more complex needs.

CRM lets users create lead lists to help their sales force reach out to new customers and connect with existing ones. By connecting teams geographically, employees can easily collaborate while still working within their specific departmental parameters. This helps keep each division focused on doing what it does best without stepping over one another or becoming bogged down by extra information.

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, which means entire companies can use it to keep all divisions working together smoothly and efficiently. It’s a service type of business management software built on the Microsoft technology platform that gives employees access to information they need to do their jobs without working across multiple systems or relying on lengthy and confusing lists of contacts and resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also features integration with Microsoft Office 365, so users can quickly pick up where they left off no matter which devices they’re using at the moment – including phones and tablets. In addition, support services are available and training sessions to make sure users get the most out of their new system as quickly as possible.

Benefits of using Microsoft ERP software

One of the significant benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP software is that it provides a framework for simplified and automated business processes, resulting in quick turnaround time and streamlined business operations. The implementation of such customized business processes reduces system downtime and addresses data issues, thereby ensuring increased productivity across the organization. The increase in operational efficiency results in better use of human resource capabilities which further increases productivity levels. As compared to manual systems, Microsoft ERP software has been found to have decreased labor costs by 6%. Moreover, productivity gains are achieved through reduced cycle times resulting from improved inventory management processes, increased customer service levels due to efficient order management capabilities along with the streamlined delivery process, improved administrative functions due to effective coordination across departments through the easy flow of information, and reduced costs through improved integration of financial, supply chain, customer relationship, and operational management.

Another key benefit is the scalable business model, allowing businesses to change functions in response to changing business priorities. It can be used for a single location or multiple locations with different currencies. The product provides a wide range of functionality catering to various organizational needs, including inventory management, distribution & warehousing, accounting, procure-to-pay processes, along with manufacturing/operational capabilities that can be enhanced when required without any additional investment. Microsoft Dynamics GP software has been found to have the ability to reduce non-value-add activities by 50%. Furthermore, it also has an inbuilt self-study portal – CIGNEX Learn – which provides instant access to all the learning resources to support the implementation employees.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics GP software provides a platform that supports integration with various other systems in an organization, such as ERP, CRM, accounting software, and others. This allows an organization to have centralized data management resulting in improved decision-making capabilities. Moreover, it can re-engineer business processes jointly with customers through a combination of both online and offline training modes, thus ensuring quick time to value for customers and reduced risk levels. The product supports multiple languages, enabling organizations to use the system worldwide while leveraging local language and currency requirements.

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