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Hiring a lawyer for copyright lawsuit

Businesses and individuals invest a lot of time and money to develop their intellectual property in the form of copyrighted content or patented products. The business and individuals hope to recover the resources which they alone have invested by licensing or selling the content which they have developed. Musicians and filmmakers make huge profits if the music or movies they have produced become successful. However, if unauthorized copies of the content are created and distributed for free, the content creator will not be compensated in any way for his effort. In these cases the business or individual creating the content would like to find out top law firms & lawyers for copyright lawsuits in singapore. While there are many firms offering intellectual property related legal services some guidelines on choosing the lawyer and preventing copyright infringement are discussed below.


Before contacting a lawyer, the person creating the content should collect proof that the copyright for the content he created is being violated. For this, he should first provide proof that the content is copyrighted. He should then gather evidence that the copyright is violated. In some cases, multiple companies or individuals may be violating the copyright of the person or business, using stolen data or making unauthorized copies of the written content, music or videos. In other cases, only one person may be involved in copyright violation especially if the copyrighted item is not very valuable.

Sometimes, the content creator only realizes that his copyright is violated when the revenues or income is far lower than expected. It is also difficult for the content creator with limited resources to collect evidence, especially if the copyright violators are well connected or powerful. In these cases, it is advisable to consult a lawyer on the best option for collecting evidence regarding the copyright violation, to prevent further losses and get compensation for the losses till date. Often the lawyer will advise the content creator to hire a detective to collect the evidence against copyright violators, since the content creator may be under surveillance.


Before hiring a lawyer for copyright violations, the content creator should consider the costs involved and the loss in revenues. Small business owners OR online publishers usually do not make much from their content, so they cannot afford to hire expensive lawyers. In contrast, top musicians and movie producers are investing huge amounts in producing their movies, paying high fees to the actors, actresses, musicians, clothes, sets, location shooting, movie production. Hence they are facing huge losses caused by piracy, copyright violations, so they usually hire the best lawyers to initiate legal action against copyright violations.


Movies, music, television series and other content may be created in one country and distributed in multiple countries worldwide. The piracy levels in different countries will vary and will affect the revenues from that country. Large businesses which are distributing their copyrighted content worldwide should consider hiring top copyright lawyers who already have a network in these markets so that they do not have to spend time and money dealing with multiple lawyers.


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