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Japanese eye drop in Singapore

Japanese eye drops are said to be the best in preventing eye fatigue and other benefits.

Japanese eye drop in Singapore is used to moisten the surface of our eyes, as a means of keeping them from becoming dry, irritated and can help prevent infections. Eye drops may also be used for other purposes such as lubricating one’s eyes in order to put in contact lenses. Eye drops for daily use are usually available in different concentrations, depending on the purpose. The most popular eye drops in Singapore can be found at different drugstores and retail outlets in town.

Eye-cos is sold by the Japanese eye drop manufacturer, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This product has been well received by various people around the world, where it has achieved success as a reliable eye drop that can provide customers with many benefits and advantages.

It is not just the ordinary use of eye drops to moisten one’s tired eyes that makes Eye-cos so popular with many people around the world. What makes this Japanese eye drop in Singapore stand out among other similar products are the benefits that it provides to consumers.

Studies have shown that Eye-cos can be beneficial in:

  1. Providing temporary relief for certain itching sensations around one’s eyes;
  2. Relieving temporary blurred vision;
  3. Easing temporary tired eyes;
  4. Protecting one’s eyes from dust and dirt;
  5. Relieving symptoms of eye inflammation and other conditions such as dry eyes and allergies;
  6. Soothing irritated, fatigued, and dry eyes that are caused by eye allergies to pollen, pet hair, dust, or dander;
  7. Providing temporary relief for swelling around the eyes which may be caused by a cold or allergy problems;
  8. Relieving symptoms of eyeball inflammation caused by choroidal neovascularization, injury from eye drops, or other potential causes;
  9. Relieving the itching sensation caused by eye injections; and
  10. Providing temporary relief for sore eyes that are caused by eyelid inflammations.

Eye-cos Eye Drops can help protect one’s eyes and restore the natural resiliency of the eye’s tear film and lubrication layer to help alleviate dry eyes. Upon application, Eye-cos can deliver nutrients and moisture to the surface of one’s eyes.

Eye-cos(II) is also a good product for daily use because of its protective functions. The eye drop has been developed with the aim of providing a comfortable lifestyle for people by protecting their eyes from external factors such as allergies, dryness, and other things. It is said that it will help reduce the occurrence of permanent damage to one’s eyes, thanks to its protective properties.

Eye-cos is available in Singapore at the following retail outlets:

  1. Guardian Pharmacy (Wisma Atria);
  2. Boots;
  3. Watsons; and
  4. Watson’s (JEM)


Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. has been a pioneer in the development and research for the production of eye drops for more than 20 years and had developed many products under their name worldwide. They are widely known for their quality, effectiveness, and reliability as well as their competitive prices. These are the reasons why Rohto pharmaceutical is successful in many countries around the world.

There are many brands of eye drops available in the market. However, their prices differ and one has to consider a range of factors when choosing which eye drops to buy. Some of these factors include the availability of various brands, brand quality, and location (there are certain areas where a certain brand may not be sold).

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