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Jaw Botox Singapore: Do This Before You Book A Treatment

Jaw botox Singapore is a popular kind of treatment and understandably so. It’s a very effective treatment for individuals looking to reshape their faces and look slimmer. But it’s not only done for aesthetic purposes. Jaw Botox can also help in addressing medical problems. Before you call a clinic and schedule a jaw Botox treatment, there are some important things that you need to know about it first. 


What is jaw Botox?


Jaw Botox is an aesthetics procedure that is meant to give the face a slimmer and more contoured look. What it does is shrink the size of the masseter muscles – the muscles located at the side of the jaws – by weakening it. People who opt to have this procedure are usually those who have a wide or square face. After undergoing a jaw Botox treatment, the patient can expect to have a slimmer face with sharper features. According to accepted beauty standards, individuals with sharp facial features are considered to be more attractive than those who don’t. 


But as mentioned earlier, jaw Botox can also solve medical issues, particularly dental problems. Sometimes, dentists would recommend their patients to get a jaw Botox treatment to fix severe bruxism or teeth grinding. This condition is known to cause wear and tear of the teeth. 


What can you expect after getting treated?


After getting a jaw Botox treatment for teeth grinding, you can expect to experience the following effects:


  • Your teeth grinding will stop, and you will, therefore, minimize the damage to your teeth. 
  • If you’re experiencing pain, then you can expect it to go away or decrease in intensity. 
  • If you’re experiencing soreness, then you can expect it to decrease. 


Since the muscles in your jaws will weaken, then you can expect to get tired easily when you’re eating. You will also experience difficulty chewing hard food items such as nuts, beef, and candies. There’s nothing to worry about, though, because these effects are temporary. You can expect these side effects to be gone in seven days or less.


As far as changes in your looks are concerned, you will only see the effects after a few weeks. This is because the muscle size will decrease at a slow rate. 


What do you need to do before booking a treatment?


Before you book an appointment for Jaw Botox Singapore, you need to go to a doctor first and have yourself examined. Only a doctor will be able to tell you if Jaw Botox can really address your problems and if it can help you achieve your desired results. What you need to understand about Botox is that it will only affect the muscles of the jaws, not the bone. So if you have a square face because of your jaw bone, then jaw Botox may not be the solution for you. You can instead opt for a jaw correction procedure, which requires surgery. 


Jaw Botox Singapore can indeed help you have a slimmer facial profile and fix your teeth grinding problem. But be sure to consult a doctor first before you book a treatment to determine if the procedure is right for you or not. 

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