Resume Writing Tips To Help You Get Hired

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Having a well-written resume is essential for anyone looking for a job. Here are some resume writing tips that can help get you noticed.


Check for keywords in the job listing


One of the things that you need to do before you even start writing your resume is to check the job listing for keywords. When you are applying for a certain job, you need to study the job description very carefully. The job description will tell you what exactly the employer is looking for in a candidate. Look for the actual keywords used in the listing and then use those keywords in your resume. By using familiar keywords, the chances of your resume getting noticed will increase. If the job listing used the words “copywriting wizard” for example, then you can incorporate that keyword in your resume. But of course, it should sound natural and not forced.


Review relevant samples


To get an idea of some of the best resumes written, then what you can do is look for resume samples from your industry. Do not copy though. Plagiarism is never a good practice. Just use the samples that you’ll see for inspiration. You can search the Internet for good resume samples. You can also search the Internet for resume templates that you can use. Again, don’t just copy the template and replace the details. Employers can tell if you’ve simply copied a resume and passed it as your own. You need to be original. No employer would want a plagiarist on their team. And if you are going to follow a template, use only the parts that are relevant to you and the job you’re applying for. Avoid the urge to put in more elements to make your resume longer. A short resume is actually preferred by many employers.


Highlight important achievements


You should keep your resume brief and the way to do so is by highlighting only your most important achievements. Instead of listing all of your job duties, for example, you can simply choose the top three roles that you have performed in your career. Employers will appreciate it if you can keep your resume short. You need to keep in mind that most employers are busy individuals. They have more important things to do than read long resumes. You can also put a separate section on your resume for achievements. This will make it easier for employers to browse through your achievements.


Don’t forget to proofread and edit


Tiny errors in your resume can cost you your dream job. If you pass a resume that has plenty of errors then they will be used by potential employers to make judgments about you. So to avoid having errors in your resume, you should double or even triple check it. You need to proofread it several times and make sure that it is free from errors. You can also ask someone else to proofread your resume for you. A fresh set of eyes may be able to spot errors that you have missed.

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