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Top Cycling Routes Singapore – A Handy Checklist!

Do you love cycling? Are you planning to shed weight or make a remunerative career in this field? If so, then don’t worry! Many Singapore residents think just like you. The truth is cycling has become one of the most preferred activities of locals here. Youngsters as well as grownups ride a bicycle for their reasons. Also, cycling is a perk in itself. However, many enthusiasts lack info on cycling loops. If you’re one such fanatic, check these top cycling routes in Singapore.


Best cycling loops


Most individuals ride their bicycles in their area. However, they don’t get to test their skills. That’s okay. But what if you want to take part in competitions or build sound health. If that’s the point, you need to take your cycling tenure to a new level. Essentially, you may want to explore long routes to sharpen your skills. Here are the top cycling routes in Singapore that might help out.


Seletar Loop


Ideal for all levels of cyclists, the Seletar Loop is a kind of circle route. So, riders have to ride slowly and cautiously. The best part is the majority of the route is a ring road. It takes you around the famous Seletar Aerospace Park. However, beginners should get proficient with regular roads before testing their skills here.


In addition to being a fun Loop for testing your strength and personal cycling time, the Seletar Park is home to various cafes. Popular names include the Sunset Grill cafe and the Soek Seng cafe. So, you get a chance to take a break and chill out during your riding tenure.

Jurassic Mile


Not all cyclists are proficient in their traits. Some fanatics fare better than others. What if you come into the beginner’s category? If that’s the situation, you may want to try easy tracks. Fortunately, the Jurassic Mile lets you accomplish your desires. The route stretches 1 km. Also, you get a chance to check some dinosaurs during your practice.


Rower’s Bay Park


If you’ve gained proficiency and want to cover more distance without trying uneven terrains, check this destination. Meant to be a resting spot for the Round Island route, the park offers a lovely segment for all cyclists to enjoy a leisurely evening or morning.


Termed as one of the top cycling routes Singapore, the Rower’s Bay Park is situated just off the road that connects the Punggol to Yishun. You may even check this park with your buddies to watch lovely birds and wildlife. The choice is yours. Visit us at

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